Qigong is a practice comprised of specific movements, breathing exercises, and meditations that help a person to learn how to directly access and influence their body's own self-healing mechanism.  There are many different forms of qigong, and no one way is the "right way."  For over two decades, I have practiced several different forms of qigong, yoga, meditation, and other self-cultivation techniques, and Jingui qigong is the method I have chosen to practice since 2010 because of the deeply transformative nature of the training.  In 2015, I was given permission to teach Jingui qigong, and I am honored to be able to share this powerful form of self-cultivation.    

Jingui qigong is a traditional energy cultivation system that increases health and longevity, and develops higher human potential.  The practice activates the enormous potential energy stored in the body, and converts it to useable energy that feeds and strengthens the internal organs and body systems.  The extra energy that is built spills over into the acupuncture channels to clear stagnations/blockages, and widen and mature the channels so that more energy can efficiently travel along their pathways allowing for better health.  Specific techniques to gather and store the extra energy inside the body allow for the continual building of each individual's own energetic system.

Jingui qigong class meets on two Saturday mornings per month.  Please visit www.jingui-nc.com for more detailed information about the practice, and contact me to have a discussion about whether Jingui qigong is the right practice for you.