Jin Gui (Golden Shield) Qi Gong

As a practitioner of Chinese medicine in the service of tending to the health and well-being of others, it is extremely important that I take the best possible care of myself.  To this end, one of my primary practices is qi gong.   Qi Gong is one of the five branches of Asian medicine, and is considered, along with tai chi, to be an internal martial art.  This means that the practice of qi gong focuses on cultivating the internal energy of the body (the same energy we tap into when providing acupuncture therapy) to establish and maintain superior health.  There are countless forms of qi gong, each taking a slightly different focus on what the practice seeks to cultivate in the body.  The form that I practice, Jin Gui (Golden Shield) qi gong, focuses primarily on cultivating health, vitality, and longevity, as well as on unlocking the vast potential of the human energetic system.  I have practiced many forms of both tai chi and qi gong over the years, and the Golden Shield system is by far the most beneficial system I have found.  I invite you to visit the following link for more information: www.jingui.com.  My teacher, Michael Hynes, resides in the mountains of western North Carolina, but he is willing to start a class here in Raleigh should there be enough interest.  If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please let me know, and we can get something going in the triangle!  

An interview about Golden Shield qi gong with my teacher, Michael Hynes:

Click here to listen to the interview

A video introduction to Golden Shield qi gong put together by a colleague of mine at Five Branches University, Natan Bar-Shimon (see parts 2-6 on youtube.com):